Benefits of Orange

Orange is very important food in the nutrition and the food industry.

It contains vitamin C, essential oil, bitter acids, tannin, potassium, hesperidin, crystalline glycoside, citric acid, pectin, mucilage, etc. One glass of orange juice, every morning, is good for the people who have heart diseases. It is much better if you drink a mixture of orange, lemon and grapefruit, because this combination regulates the digestive process. Orange contains sugar, but it still has a low glycemia index. This means, that if you do not eat large portions of this fruit at once, you will not have problems with blood sugar, insulin or obesity. One orange of 100 grams has about 40 calories.

Japanese dieticians say that orange has two very important qualities: the oxygenic action of vitamin c and bio- enlivening action on the skin and muscles, because of the vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D and PP vitamins. Two studies in Japan have shown that orange lowers the risk of liver cancer, because of vitamin A and carotenoids.


Orange regulates hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and the formation of lungs cancer. Regularly drinking of orange juice can prevent kidney diseases and formation of kidney stones.

Even though it has bitter taste, orange has many alkalascent minerals, which maintain a good level of acid in the body after digestion. This is why this fruit is very similar to the lemon, which is one of the most important basal fruits we have on the market.

Orange peel is also healthy. It is used for skin and especially for breasts care. For this purpose, it is mixed with honey, propolis, soybean oil and many others. The most popular medicine from the orange peel is syrup for cough.

Orange is used for many facemasks and creams. It also regulates the work of the gizzard, prevents stress and fixes the mood.

It is used in the food industry for making very delicious orange juice. Orange juice is one of the most popular juices on the planet and it is third most delicious taste, after chocolate and vanilla. This fruit is very delicious, and it is delicious even in summer or winter.

Orange was firstly grown in India and south China. Old Greeks and Romans did not know about this fruit. Today, Brazil is the largest producer of citrus and oranges. This country has 17, 8 t, annual production of citrus fruits.