Choose The Healthier Banana- Ripe Or Unripe ?

Banana is not the same when it is ripe and unripe!  Banana contain enzymes which  changes their taste  how time goes.

As time goes enzymes  starts to break down starches into sugar. That make banana better and easy for digesting.

In the past , one Japanese research shows that as banana ripens  it produce more antioxidants.  The best  side of banana is when it has dark spots because dark spots  causes Tumor Necrosis Factor which is good in fight against cancer. Consume the banana which has more dark spots because it is healthy for you.


Be sure that ripe banana is more effective then unripe and also helps in strengthening the immune system.

Then, what you think when is the best time to eat banana ? Don’t think a lot ! When banana is ripe ! Mix fully ripe banana with nut butter to prevent diabetes type 2. Nut butter contain fats which helps in slowing down the absorption of sugar and that will help to your body to be relaxed and you will feel the difference.

Than what to do ? Eat fully ripe banana and  be healthy !