Green Tea a Potential Cause of Hepatitis

It all happened in Britain when a 16-year old who suffered from headaches and stomach aches couldn’t receive the proper treatment because the doctors couldn’t reach diagnose. After mistakenly being treated for UTI, the teenager was eventually diagnosed with jaundice. The doctors couldn’t figure out how exactly she got the disease until she remembered drinking Chinese green tea with the intention to lose weight. She drank 3 cups a day for several months which is an enormous amount of green tea. It took 2 months for her liver to recover. The herb “camellia sinensis” caused the disease and was found after examining the tea package.

This case should serve as a warning to those who drink green tea excessively. Since it can lead to liver disease, this tea should only be consumed in small amounts. Additionally there are pesticides and other ingredients that stimulate weight-loss which are bad for your body.


Finally, what actually is Hepatitis? The simplest way to describe this disease is to say that it is liver inflammation. It can be the result of a viral infection or the exposure of the liver to harmful substances such as alcohol. Although this condition can occur with a few or no symptoms, it can often lead to jaundice, a yellow discoloration of the skin, mucous membrane, and conjunctiva, followed by a poor appetite and a general feeling of sickness. The easiest form of hepatitis is acute hepatitis which can heal on its own without causing any other damage to the liver. Other types can persist for many years and cause cirrhosis. In the most serious cases, it may even lead to liver failure or liver cancer. These are all types of chronic hepatitis.

Initial symptoms of hepatitis include pain in muscles and joints, high body temperature, general feeling of sickness, headache, yellow skin coloring. However, most often hepatitis produces no symptoms especially when it’s caused by a virus.