This Drink Will Destroy Your Bones From the Inside But Everyone Drinks It Every Day!

It is shocking that nowadays, as statistical data shows, USA citizens drink more soda than ever before. Namely, more than 25 % of all drinks consumed in the USA are soft drinks. That actually is worrisome high percentage, and because of that, in this article we will write about the harmful effects associated with soda.



There are several studies which have shown that only one can of sugary drink leads to one pound of weight gain every month. Diet soda is even worse choice because there are artificial sweeteners which can cause many hormonal and physiologic responses that lead to weight gain.

Liver Damage

It is important to mention that excessive consumption of soda increases the risk of developing cirrhosis in the same way like chronic alcoholics.

Kidney Stones and Chronic Kidney Disease

It is fact that all soda drinks contain phosphoric acid. This acid triggers changes in the urine which will later cause the formation of kidney stones. If you drink less than 12 – ounce cans per week, you will increase your risk of developing kidney stones by 15 percent.


Experts say that every food that is linked with weight gain, in the same time increases the risk of diabetes. By drinking soda you lower the body’s ability to process sugar properly. According to many scientists, soda the reason why the number of Americans with diabetes type 2 has tripled from 6.6 million in 1980 to 20.7 million today.

Tooth Decay

Damage on the tooth enamel is another negative effect from soda. Its acidity has more harmful effects on teeth when compared to the sugar in candies.