When it comes to health and wellbeing, each adult person should be cautious and check the blood sugar levels on regular basis. All people should take care of their health, and the sugar levels in the blood are particularly important as it can be reflected as diabetes or if you are healthy without diabetes it can result in it or give you many other health complications.

Some of the most common causes of high blood sugar level:


poor diet

lack of physical activity

use of certain medications

certain health conditions


However, you should be aware and make the difference that these symptoms do not always indicate that you have diabetes. In most cases they just show that you have high blood sugar. Some of the most common are:

dry mouth

increased thirst


frequent urination

itchy and dry skin


weight gain

complications in stomach

fatigue and infections

it takes time for your wounds to heal

difficulty in concentrating

blurred vision

problems with nerve

How to reduce its level with help of glycemic food?

Glycemic index or GI ranges from 0 to 100. More accurately it measures how much carbohydrate contains the food, which raises the blood glucose. Remember that ingredients with higher GI can be digested faster than the one with lower.

In order to avert the symptoms of the blood sugar, you should increase the intake of low – GI as they own lower insulin levels. Doctors explain that these types of foods are considered as foods that are able to control the weight.

Glycemic Index Food List:

Low glycemic Foods, from 0 – 54

An egg – 0

Cup of hummus – 6

Cup of broccoli – 10

Cup of walnuts – 15

Cup of cherries – 22

Cup of cashews – 22

½ large grapefruit – 25

A cup of unsweetened yogurt – 23

Turkey sausage

Cup of butter beans – 31

A cup of kidney beans – 34

1 medium apple – 38

A cup of green grapes – 46

1 large banana 52

A cup spaghetti – 42

8 ounces of pineapple juice – 46

1 large carrot 47

1 medium orange 48

A cup of peas – 54

Medium Glycemic Foods, from 55 to 69

Cup of brown rice – 55

Tablespoon of honey – 55

Cup of oatmeal – 58

1 serving macaroni and cheese – 64

Cup of white rice – 64

High glycemic foods who need to be more avoided than consumed, from 70 to 100

Slice of white bread – 70

2 cups of popcorn – 72

Glazed doughnut – 76

Rice cake – 78

1 medium baked potato – 85

Corn flakes cereal – 92

50gr of glucose – 100

Source: www.usamag365.com