As experts explain, negative energy has adverse impact on human health, relationships and success. Many people are raised on specific way and they believe only in those things that can be explained, understood and confirmed. Very often the rational mind cannot understand some specific treatments and rituals as they don’t correspond to their reason.

In this article you can read about positive and negative energies, a subject that very few people believe in. One of the things has the ability to neutralize negative vibrations and restore harmony in your life is lemon.

This yellow fruit possesses remarkable beneficial properties, as for your health and looks, but also for your energy.

It is interesting that lemon actually is irreplaceable ally in the fight against negative energies. For this purpose it is advisable to utilize green lemons.

Below we are presenting you several methods that can help you to lower the effects of negative energy that surrounds you:

Simply place 3 green lemons in different places at the house. After a while, when they become yellow or black, you should replace them with new green lemons.

You can boil its rind in rainwater and use its vapors.

You can wear the small lemons as talisman.

In a bed of rice put a basket with 9 lemons and keep the basket in the refrigerator. Make sure to put 1 lemon in the middle and 8 around it.

In order to stay protected from envious colleagues, it is advisable to place 3 lemons in your desk drawer or in your purse for balance.

Prepare a mixture of bit of lemon juice with atomizer spray water and thus change the negative energy in your home to a positive one. Simply sprinkle this combination around your home, particularly in the corners.

If you haven’t found the love in your life, you can attract it by putting a glass vase or a bowl with 3 lemons on your nightstand.

If you feel negative vibrations that have absorbed throughout the day you can eliminate them by cutting 1 lemon in 4 pieces and place them in a plate so that they form a cross. After that you should make a circle from grain salt around the pieces and put the plate under your bed before you go to bed. In case you cannot put it under the bed, you can place it near the bed. When you wake up the next morning, you need to put the pieces of lemon in a plastic bag and make sure you don’t touch them and then throw away the plastic bag. You should repeat this procedure in 3 subsequent days and after that you will notice major improvement in your overall mood and feelings.

Another option is to put a green lemon in your jacket, purse, pants, etc. and at the end of the day simply throw it away. Repeat the same procedure the next morning: carry the lemon with you during the entire day in order to absorb all negative vibes around you. This will make you feel much safer and calm.