Check your nails and see if you have some white dots. In case you do have certain dots and you are wondering what actually represent they, continue with reading of this article and find out.

Most of those white dots or stains are caused by air bubbles under the nail.

Leukonychia is the name of the white patches and they can appear from several reasons. In most cases they occur as a result of minor injuries at the base of the nail.

Also, they can be inherited, but there are situations when they indicate medical problems.

Very often our body sends us signals that something is happening. For example, the appearance of those dots on your nails is alarm that it’s time to visit a doctor.

As experts explain, at some people the white spots on the nails are indication for warts and fungus (onychomycosis) or psoriasis and eczema, which can affect the nails as well. White spots on the nails may be one of the seven sign of sarcoidosis, disease which affects the skin, lungs and other organs.

Plummer nail is condition when the nail is soft and has white specks. This may refer to hyperthyroidism.

In case when the line is lower on the nail it means the disease is discovered at early stages.

Red Alert: If you See this on your Nails Immediately visit a Doctor !

White horizontal lines across the surface of the nail indicate cardiac arrest, Hodgkin’s disease, malaria or even leprosy.

Additionally, in case you have two white horizontal narrow stripes on one or more nails, it is a sign of hypoalbuminemia, low levels of albumin protein in the blood. This disorder, and that line can cause several acute and chronic medical conditions, such as, inter alia, kidney disease, liver cirrhosis, heart failure and irregular diet. But do not worry, in most cases that line the inflammatory response to infection or injury.

To sum up, it is important do not ignore changes in the nails. Those changes are associated with health more than you can imagine. It is recommended to inspect their condition and on that way to protect your health.