Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach Immediately after Waking Up!

Did you know that Japanese people have interesting habit of drinking water on an empty stomach after they wake up? There are numerous studies that have proven the incredible benefits of this ritual. Probably many of you will be surprised to read that water can be really helpful in the treatment of certain severe diseases.

By consuming water on an empty stomach you may prevent and treat diseases such as headaches, heart problems, increased heart rates, epilepsy, blood cholesterol, asthma, kidney diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diabetes, piles, uterus ailments, menstrual problems, throat and nose problems, etc.


Right after you wake up drink 160 ml of water – 4 times

After that you can continue with your morning activities such as brushing of the teeth, taking a shower, but remember that you should not eat or drink anything during the next 45 minutes

Afterwards, you can eat and drink any food you want

It is important to remember that after your breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should not eat or drink anything in the next 2 hours

Note: If you can’t consume 4 glass of water after you wake up on an empty stomach, it is advisable to begin with gradual doses. You should slowly increase the amount until you get the needed amount-640 ml of water.

Namely, this method is recommendable even for healthy individuals because it will provide you with the necessary energy

In case you have issues with high blood pressure, the treatment should last 30 days

If you have gastritis, the treatment should last 10 days

For those who have diabetes, the treatment should last 30 days

If you experience constipation, you will need 10 days of treatment

For TB, the treatment lasts 90 days

It is advisable to implement this method in your life as it is very beneficial and in same time it doesn’t have any side effects.

Important note:

Individuals who suffer from arthritis should do the treatment 3 days during the first week, after that they need to make a pause in a period of 1 week and start again with daily consumption.

Source: www.usamag365.com