People love the bananas due to their delicious taste. However, except the fact that bananas are very tasty, they also are incredibly beneficial due to the high presence of minerals and vitamins.

Bananas are great against:

– Depression

– Morning sickness

– Osteoporosis

– Diabetes

– Kidney cancer

– Blindness

Below there is list of 10 health benefits of consuming banana on regular basis.

  1. It Prevents Calcium Loss

Bananas can prevent calcium loss which means that the body can absorb more of this mineral. That will make your bones and teeth will much stronger.

  1. It Makes You a Smarter Person

The bananas will boost the brain function and have positive impact on cognitive and reasoning ability. Bananas are abundant with potassium, which is essential for proper brain activity.

  1. It Helps Prevent Kidney Stones and Kidney Cancer

As it is mentioned above, bananas are abundant with calcium which is very effective against the formation of kidney stones. Additionally, calcium absorption can prevent kidney cancer.

  1. Bananas Help to Combat Anemia

The large quantities of iron contained in bananas, make them excellent for strengthening the blood and also can help to combat anemia.

  1. It Aids Proper Digestion

Bananas contain dietary fiber that is great for indigestion and constipation. Bananas will normalize the process of the bowel motility.

  1. It Will Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Bananas help the process of regulating the blood sugar. Namely, bananas can help to those individuals who suffer from diabetes. Also, bananas fight depression, PMS symptoms and generally improve the mood.

  1. It Can Protect You from Heart Attack and Stroke

Bananas contain high amounts of potassium, but are low in sodium. That means that those people who consume bananas on regular basis are at lower risk of heart attack or stroke.

  1. It Fights Depression

When is consumed, the tryptophan found in the bananas transforms into serotonin. The serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain and improves your mood.

  1. It Helps to Combat Inflammation

Bananas contain B6, a vitamin that is particularly useful against inflammation of joints. In addition to that, bananas are great against type II diabetes.

  1. Bananas Will Boost Your Energy Levels

Bananas are great source of energy and that is the reason why nutritionists advice to consume banana before workout.

Source: www.usamag365.com