Papaya is fruit with incredibly sweet taste, soft and butter-like consistency and musky undertones. It is not surprising that Christopher Columbus described this fruit as “fruit of the angels”.

Papaya is highly nutritious and provides various health benefits. This fruit possesses incredibly strong anti-inflammatory properties and that makes it powerful remedy for treatment of many different health issues including heart diseases, high blood sugar levels, digestive issues, wounds and even cancer.

Probably many of you when are consuming papaya, throw away the papaya seeds. Still, that is huge mistake as the seeds actually are the ones which make this fruit that much beneficial.

Well, now you are aware of the fact that papaya seeds provide many health benefits, so it is advisable to eat the whole fruit and enjoy all of its benefits!

Health benefits of papaya seeds

Improve Digestive Health

Studies have showed that papaya is incredibly beneficial in improving the function of the digestive system. That is due to the papaya seeds which have very strong anti-parasite and antibacterial properties, and that is the reason why this fruit has the ability to eliminate the harmful micro-organisms from human intestinal tract.

Fact that also should be mentioned is that this fruit has very strong anti-pathogenic properties. Recent study showed that by eating 1 tablespoon of papaya seeds you can prevent food poisoning in that way that it kills the bacteria that have caused the problem.

Prevent Cancer

Papaya seeds are able to slow down the growth of tumor cells and that is due to the phenolic compounds and flavonoids in its content, which have been identified as natural antioxidants. It was discovered that phytonutrient isothiocyanate can prevent breast, prostate, lungs and colon cancer.

Detoxify Liver

Traditional Chinese Medicine is utilizing papaya seeds in order to remove the harmful toxins from the body. On that way, also the vital functions of the liver are improved.

There are many different studies which have proved that papaya is particularly useful for people who suffer from fatty liver (liver cirrhosis). With regular consumption of 1 tablespoon papaya seeds on daily basis, you can detoxify the liver. Still, along with these seeds, you need to make dietary and lifestyle changes, such as to quit drinking adn thus to obtain best results.

Detoxify Kidneys

The papaya seeds are extremely beneficial when it comes to detoxifying of your kidneys. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, these seeds have the ability to protect the kidneys from toxin-induced inflammation.

Lower High Blood Pressure

Many separate studies conducted on lab rats have proved that papaya fruit can provide significant improvements in the cardiovascular health. Compound which is found in the whole fruit (including its seeds and leaves) called Carpaine-a, is proven to be efficient in reducing diastolic, systolic and mean arterial blood pressure (MAP).

Reduce Inflammation In Inflammatory Diseases

These remarkable seeds contain incredibly powerful enzymes papain and chymopapain and due to the potent anti-inflammatory properties which makes them especially useful for fighting inflammation in the body such as asthma, gout, joint pains and arthritis.

Natural Contraceptive

Since ancient times, the Indian culture has been utilizing papaya seeds as a form of natural contraceptive. It was considered that when woman wants to get pregnant, she should avoid consuming papaya seeds. It is interesting to mention that these studies conducted on male rats which were consuming papaya seeds for certain period of time, have showed that the production of their sperm was considerably reduced.