Honey is sticky fluid with yellowish-brown color and sweet taste that is made by bees from nectar collected from various flowers. Honey has remarkable properties and we can say that it is true gift from the nature. Namely, it is natural antibacterial remedy which has the ability to strengthen the immune systems and to speed up the healing process.

Lemon is citrus fruit originating from Asia. Its juice is high in vitamin C, which promotes healing and in same time greatly strengthens the immune system.

The combination of these natural products is perfect for fight against common cold, but both honey and lemon can do much more.

One woman from Australia, called Crystal Davis decided to test a theory. Namely, she started drinking honey-lemon water on daily basis in period of 1 year.

During the experiment she experienced many incredible improvements, so she continued consuming this mixture permanently. Continue with reading and find out what she discovered.

A stronger immune system

In just one year, Crystal Davis did not feel ill, but she also didn’t get single flu, cold or stomach-related illness. She explains that the rest of her family caught few.

Increased energy

Before she started with this experiment, she had to drink coffee to function in the morning. Once she started drinking this mixture, she had more energy during the day and didn’t consume coffee.


Lemon-honey water  is very effective natural diuretic and successfully eliminated Davis’ Urinary Tract Infections.

Weight loss

It is proved that lemons help the liver to produce more bile and that helps the body break down food and due to that, nutrients can be absorbed more easily. In addition to that, honey helps the stomach produce more mucus and that flushes out all toxins from your body. Namely, lemons and honey work together as powerful combo and help the body reach healthy weight.

Glowing skin

While the honey increases collagen, lemons purify the blood. This remarkable combo will make your skin perfectly healthy and glowing.

Hydrated lymphatic system

It is advisable to drink lemon-honey water in the morning as that will hydrate your lymphatic system, and that will prevent various diseases which are caused by a dehydrated lymphatic system.

Improved oral health

Lemons are particularly efficient in cleansing out the mouth and activating of the salivary glands. That actually will eliminate bacteria from your teeth, as the honey helps destroy it. The final result is fresh breath and improved oral health.

Increased alkalinity

Lemons have the ability to neutralize the acid in your body and thus will reduce acid reflux, acidosis, upset stomach and other side effects caused by acid.

Note: if you are suffering from chronic illnesses related to stomach acid you should consult your doctor before start taking lemon-honey water.