Lipoma is benign tumor of fat, which also are called mass formation. Regardless of the fact that the lipomas are harmless, they still may be quite problematic issue as they grow on specific areas such as the neck, head, armpits or arms. That is the reason why they can be quite unpleasant.

Although the medical experts have not yet found the cause for appearance of the lipomas, the science associates them with genetics. Cholesterol levels or obesity are considered to be another possible causes.

Most people don’t want to treat lipomas trough surgery or meds. But, there are various natural alternatives which are quite efficient. Doctors advice to remove the lipomas by surgical intervention or with laser procedure, they actually do not guarantee that the lipomas won’t come back.

In today’s article we are going to present you an amazing soup recipe that will help you to solve the problem easily, without a pain and in very short period of time. This method is recommended by many dermatologists and it helped many people.

The mixture is consisted of honey and flour.

Method of preparation: combine equal amounts of honey and flour and apply the resulted combination on the affected spot. You should apply 5-10 mm thick layer and then apply a patch on it. Leave to act 36 hours. Next step is to rinse it off and apply another layer of fresh mixture. It is recommended to utilize it 5 times in a row in a period of 8 days. After this procedure you will notice the dissolution of adipose tissue.

Note: it is highly recommended to utilize honey of darker color and whole grain flour.

Why does it work?

The combination of honey and flour is efficient folk remedy for external sores and wounds. Due to the anti-inflammatory effect of honey, it is able to draw impurities, stimulate lymph flow and circulation.

There is recent study conducted on 59 patients with wounds and sores in which the conventional treatment did not show results for two years. Namely, at these patients, the treatment with honey showed incredible results after just one week.

Additional tips for fatty deposits:

  • Natural therapy in lipoma is detox base. You need to eliminate saturated fats and refined oils from your body
  • Avoid all those foods which contain additives, preservatives and pesticides, but also avoid white flour, meat, milk and dairy products. Use natural spices, such as okra, psyllium, chickweed, chicory, papaya, pomegranate, sage, mandarin and turmeric as they can help your body to decompose fat and thus eliminate toxins.
  • It is advisable to drink juice of half a lemon every morning, as that will stimulate the liver and detoxify your
  • Take omega – 3 fatty acids as they are great for dissolving and preventing the growth of fat tissue.
  • Experts recommend to include sprouts to your diet enriched with nutrients.