Each woman should take proper care about her intimate area. It is particularly important not to neglect or ignore certain symptoms, for example: irregular menstrual cycles. As gynecologists explain, irregular menstrual cycle, excessive or reduced bleeding may be symptoms of some severe medical issue.

All women should pay attention to the following 6 menstrual problems:

  1. Sudden and intense cramps

In case you start experiencing such cramps, there is possibility that you are suffering from endometriosis. This is medical condition in which cells that grow inside the uterus begin to grow from the outer wall of the uterus, which furthermore causes pain and you start feeling bad. Doctors explain that majority of mature women who were diagnosed with this problem, had painful period when they were younger.

  1. The absence of menstruation

Hormonal imbalance, problems with the thyroid gland, premature menopause, stress, excessive exercise or diet are some of the causes for omitted two or more cycles.

  1. Heavy bleeding

Those women who are taking birth control pills, profuse bleeding between cycles is quite usual. Still, you need to visit a doctor as there are chances that you have ovarian cysts and the presence of cancerous cells.

  1. Unbearable symptoms of PMS

Feeling abnormal desire for food, great anxiety, depression, mood swings or loss of control are some of the most common symptoms of premenstrual dysphonic disorder. This condition is worse than the usual PMS.

  1. Bleeding and cycles that last more than 10 days

It is considered that you have excessive bleeding if you change the cartridge every hour. You should be aware that this condition may be indication of various illnesses, including fibroid, which can cause anemia.

  1. Unruly hormones

Very often, women who are suffering from asthma, feel very bad one week before their cycle. Premenstrual magnification is specific phenomenon in which conditions such as arthritis, diabetes or depression, become burning during this period. It is highly recommended to consult doctors and take proper medicines.