According to doctors, many people end up dealing with this secret at some point in their lives. As experts explain, almost every medical condition that people could have is linked with the most important health issue.

Human intestinal system is place where all nutrients are extracted from the food that is consumed and furthermore through the liver are bsorbed into the bloodstream. Well, all of you should be aware of the fact that your liver is not just garbage pipe. In order to protect itself, the food is being coated with mucus by the body as the processed food is particularly unhealthy and has little or doesn’t has any nutritional value at all, but also is acidic to the body. The forming of a hard mucoid plaque actually prevents the nutrition from getting into human body.  In order words, we are still starving even if we eat, but we also get fat – or skinny as the body is not able to absorb the nutrients.

Once the parasites and bacteria start feasting on the accumulating garbage the body slowly begins to die. It is necessary to stop this by cleaning out your organism completely.

By performing bowel cleansing, in same time you will help your body with possible heart problems, diabetic issues, hormone, breathing  problems, fertility and impotence issues, urinary and prostate illnesses, energy problems, lower back and nerve problems, digestive problems, liver and cholesterol problems. It is fact that everything is connected, which means that everything will become to a painful grinding halt if the colon is not working properly.

In fact, by going to the bathroom it does not mean that everything is coming out from your body.

Below we are going to present you colon-cleanse which is abundant with vitamins, fibers and nutrients. You can normalize your stool and in same time you can feel full longer by consuming apples which are high in soluble fiber.

The flax seeds are great for colon cleansing due to the fact that are rich in fiber. That actually helps the food to pass and also the risk of colon cancer has been reduced. Moreover, the flax seeds are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Chia seeds are incredibly high in nutrients and vitamins which will be absorbed by your body while the toxins will be cleansed away.

Eventually the result is weight loss as these ingredients will make you feel full longer. Additionally, your heart will pump stronger as the chia seeds contain Omega-3 fatty acids too.

Apple Colon Cleanse


1 cup of water

1 apple

1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds (ground is easier to digest than whole)

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 teaspoon of honey


Put the ingredients, except the chia seed in a blender and mix well everything together. After pouring the mixture in a drinking glass add the chia seeds.

Stir well at least 5 minutes, until the chia seeds starts expanding.


It is extremely important to drink a lot of water and to consume fiber-rich foods, such as apples.

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