In this article we are going to present you few interesting tips about things that many of you are doing quite wrong. Now, you can see your mistakes and start doing these things properly.

  • How to wear a bobby pin: the wavy part in supposed to be pointed inwards and thus to take and hold a longer portion of your hair.
  • How to cut a watermelon: in order to retain the juice in the watermelon you should always cross it wise.
  • How to eat a cupcake: it is highly recommended to eat it like a sandwich and make your life much more simple.
  • How to hold a wine glass: use pinch stem of the glass between the first finger and the thumb.
  • How to insert earphones: at the short video below you can see how to do that and you will be stunned.
  • How to hold a pen: check the video
  • How to cross words: it would be much easier to superimpose them with some other words.

Watch the interesting and useful video below as you will see the right solution for doing certain things. These tips will make your much life easier.

Source: www.healthymagazine365.com