The ancient Ayuverdic dental technique OIL PULLING also is called “kavala” or “gundusha”. This method includes swishing a tablespoon of oil in the mouth for about 15-20 minutes, preferably in the morning, on an empty stomach.

This method is extremely efficient when it comes to cleansing the body from toxins and in same time it is good way to improve your oral and overall health. It is particularly beneficial for detoxifying of your teeth and gums, but in same time has the ability to whiten your teeth.

At this point it is important to mention that people who have tried this specific technique claim that it is incredibly efficient and helps in treating various skin conditions, arthritis, infections, headaches, hormonal imbalance, asthma, etc.

This extremely powerful technique will help you protect and strengthen your teeth, but also will make them super-bright white!

How it works?

Oil pulling is specific treatment that includes swishing of some oil in the oral cavity for several minutes. With the help of this simple and yet efficient method, your oral health will be improved. To be more precise, this method has the ability to remove toxins from the mouth and goes through the plaque.

This remarkable healing treatment will detoxify your teeth and gums, but in same time will prevent infections and dangerous bacteria. Additionally, it will whiten your teeth.

Along with numerous benefits for the oral cavity, many people who have tried this technique claim that it had helped them in treatment of various health issues, such as asthma, skin issues, headaches, liver problems, hormonal imbalances, arthritis and more.

In order to get best results it is crucial to utilize quality oil. On that way this cheap and completely natural method will not cause any side-effects, instead will multiple its health benefits.

In India this method has been practiced hundreds of years due to its numerous benefits. But, it is important to mention that many experts claim that is one of the efficient treatments for many different health issues, and that particularly refers to oral health.

If you are wondering about which oil to choose for this purpose, our advice is to use organic coconut oil as it additionally will boost the effects of this method. This oil is considered to be one of the healthiest ingredients that nature offers us.

There are many reasons why you should try oil pulling utilizing coconut oil and on that way to promote oral health, and some of them are:

  • destroys harmful bacteria and fights gum infections
  • whitens teeth
  • prevents cavities
  • breaks through the plaque
  • provides amazing effects for the entire oral cavity

Below we are presenting you detailed explanation about how to use coconut oil for oil pulling:

In the morning, right after you wake up and get up from bed, you should swish a few teaspoons of solid coconut oil in the mouth and let it melt. It is highly recommended to keep the oil in your mouth about 20 minutes. If you are suffering from some severe dental problems or gum infections, you can repeat the same procedure few times throughout the day, preferably before meals.

It is highly recommended to keep the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes as that is enough time for the oil to break through bacteria and plaque. Still, that is insufficient time for your body to reabsorb the toxins again.

Once you finish with that, simply spit it out. You should never swallow the oil as after performing this technique it is loaded with the bacteria and toxins from your mouth.

Finally, rinse your mouth well with warm water in order to remove any remains. After this procedure you need to brush your teeth as usual and thus to remove the bacteria left.

How to Oil Pull: for Naturally White Teeth & Healthy Body