Cockroaches are insects which appear in the houses and even apartments and it is quite difficult to get rid of them as they successfully hide in holes. On the market you can find various products which are supposed to help you with this annoying issue, but all of these products are not efficient and offer only a temporary solution.

Undoubtedly, the biggest flaw of these chemical based products is that besides they kill the cockroaches, in same time may be detrimental for human health and in addition to that, these products leave unbearable smell.

Well, there is always a better way and in today’s article we are going to explain you how to get rid of the cockroaches. This method doesn’t include any any chemicals and the best part is that this solution will be permanent.


Take 1 egg and separate the white from the yolk. For the preparation of this recipe you will only need the yolk. Take container and place the yolk. Then, pour 30-50 grams of boric acid powder (borax). Mix well the ingredients until you get slurry mixture.

Next step is to prepare small balls from this mixture, about 1 cm in diameter. Leave them to dry out.

Make sure to place these balls on areas in which the cockroaches usually appear, including the corners of the rooms. Pay special attention and place more balls in bathroom and kitchen as these are their most favorite places of these nasty insects.

Note: This mixture is not dangers for humans, kids or even animals.

You can expect the first results after several (2-3) days. If you had a lot of cockroaches, you will have to clean a lot of dead cockroaches. With the help of this recipe you will completely destroy these annoying insects.

It is important to mention that there are high chances the cockroaches to reappear. The reason for that would be some female bug that has laid eggs. At most cases, such situation can happen about 6 months later and you can destroy all cockroaches with the same procedure.

Note that the boric acid is not hazardous for humans. In fact, this acid is not toxic and very often is used for disinfection. Namely, 3% boric acid (also known as acidiborici) is used as an eye wash solution.

If you cannon find boric acid powder, you can replace it with the 3% solution which you can buy in any pharmacy and it is very cheap.