High levels of acid in the body fluids is the reason that makes the body acidic. On the other hand, body alkalinity is the whole capacity of the body fluids, including your blood, saliva, urine, to neutralize the acids.

According to scientists, these fluids are essential for human body to function properly as they improve digestion, but also are responsible for transportation of nutrients and carry oxygen throughout the entire body.

In order to prevent harming the body you need to keep the levels of acids at a specific range.

Levels of hydrogen-ions in the body fluids are measured by something that is known as pH or “potential hydrogen”. The pH scale varies from 0 to 14. Namely, if your body fluids have higher pH levels that means they have more oxygen and are more alkaline. Otherwise, if your body fluids have lower pH, that means there is less oxygen and more acids. According to experts7.0 is considered the neutral level.

These are optimal pH levels of the body fluids:

Saliva pH = 7.0 – 7.5

Blood pH = 7.35 – 7.45

Urine pH = 4.6 – 8.0

If any of the abovementioned levels are lower, it indicates that your body is acidic.

Doctors explain that many people don’t check their pH levels as they are not even informed about that.

These are the symptoms that most commonly occur and indicate body acidity. In addition to that, you can read about several ways to regulate the alkaline balance at your body.

  1. Weight Gain

If your body is not alkalized, the waste product gets trapped inside your organism and that furthermore will lead to forming excess waste. This also will cause body acidity, and the organs which are responsible for flushing toxins, your kidneys, colon, skin and lymph system will become overworked and will not be able to remove the built up acid from the organism. Namely, the acidity gets attached to your fat cells and actually sticks in your body, making you gain even more weight.

  1. Weak Bones

If there is too much acidity, although your body puts an effort to remain alkalized, all of the important minerals are wasted from the organs and tissues in order to keep the organism active. This eventually will lead to brittle bone structure. Calcium is one of those minerals that is withdrawn from the bones. Moreover, this condition may lead to osteopenia or osteoporosis.

  1. Dental Problems

Human teeth are bone structure, same as other bones in the body. When the body is acidic, the calcium gets withdrawn from your teeth which suffer from this mineral’s deficiency.

In 2015, the International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications published study in which is showed that low pH levels in mouth may lead to demineralization of the tooth enamel. This condition makes the teeth more subjected to mouth bacteria from sweet foods and drinks. The final result of this is occurrence of cavities and production of lactic acid in the mouth.

In other words, this makes your teeth very sensitive to cold or hot foods and drinks. Bleeding gums is another symptom that may occur.

  1. Fatigue

If your body is acidic, it is more prone to viruses, fungi and bacteria. Namely, these microorganisms develop in acidic conditions. Most commonly they build up inside the digestive tract, gums and other tissues and organs.

These microorganisms will weaken your immunity and thus exhaust the body. Your body will try to make up for lost energy and will lose important nutrients. Furthermore this will harm the enzymes and hormones and will cause body irregularities, most often fatigue.

  1. Skin Problems

Toxins build up may occur as a result of acidity of the organism, and that immensely will harm the skin.

Additionally, this will impair the blood flow and the skin will not be able to get rid of toxins through sweating, as it normally does. Rashes, acne, eczema and allergies are skin diseases that occur as result of this condition.

  1. Mucus Buildup

When it comes to eliminating toxins through the nose, mucus inside the body has this task. If your organism is acidic, the nasal passage it will not be able to throw out the mucus, that remained trapped inside the body.

In such situation, medical assistance is necessary; otherwise, the lungs will become overflown with mucus and the breathing process will be interrupted. The results of this condition are coughing, chest pain, sinus issues, wheezing and respiratory problems.

  1. Muscle Pain

High levels of body acidity causes constricted muscles or in other words, the oxygen cannot be transferred through the blood vessels properly. As a result of that, the muscles lack oxygen and furthermore this leads to pain and soreness. This also may cause fatigue, which is clear sign of elevated body acidity.

  1. Sleeplessness

If you are dealing with tiredness, exhaustion and insomnia, there are high chances that your pH levels are low. Calcium deficiency causes feeling of constant exhaustion, which leads to tiredness.

How to Deal With this Problem

There are several things that you can do and prevent body acidity:

Hydration: to avoid acidity you need to drink plenty of healthy fluids. On that way you will encourage the digestive tract and prevents diseases.

Warm Lemon Water: regardless of the fact that lemon has acidic taste, it acts to alkalize the body. Experts say that this is the best cure for regulating the pH levels in your body.

Green Leafy Vegetables: by including cucumber, kale, spinach, broccoli, arugula, green peppers, collards, chard, zucchini, lettuce, artichokes, green asparagus and celery in your daily diet, you can fix any acidity problems instantly on completely natural way. Get the maximum health benefits by preparing fresh juice of these vegetables.

Stop Consuming Highly Acidic Products: avoid caffeine, soft drinks, alcohol, processed junk foods, processed meats and any artificial and processed sugars as they substantially increase the body acidity.

Calcium and Magnesium: in order to keep your bones strong and your muscles operative, it is of extreme importance to increase the intake of calcium and magnesium. Moreover, in this way you will keep your teeth, heart and nervous system in check. These two minerals will keep your body alkalized.

Best calcium sources are dark, leafy green veggies, seafood (salmon and mackerel), dry fruits and grain cereals. Another option is to take calcium and magnesium supplements, but you should visit doctor before you decide to take them.

Organic Foods: avoid consummation of GM foods. It is important to highlight that these foods contain extremely high levels of toxins and chemicals and make your body even more acidic.